DIRECTOR: Karthik Saragur    |    DOP: Ravindranath T |    PRODUCERS: Pushkara Mallikarjuniah, Rakshit Shetty, Hemanth M Rao    |    MUSIC DIRECTOR: Charan Raj    |    PRODUCTION HOUSES: Pushkar Films, Paramvah Studios, Lost and Found Films
Aravinnd Iyer | Aarohi Narayan | Priyanka Thimmesh | Achyuth Kumar | Vijay Chendoor | Aadya Udupi | Amaan | Dhrarmanna Kadur | Pooja Kashyap

BHEEMASENA NALAMAHARAJA celebrates the power and magic of cooking. Considering the fact that food has the power to evoke senses and heal wounds, the protagonist, who is a cook, uses it to bring his life back on track through cooking. In the process, he also helps others to mend their lives. According to Indian mythology bothBheema and Nala were known to be great cooks, the film happens to explore the other sides of their characters.