WRITTEN BY: Aravind Kaushik    |    DIRECTED BY: Aravind Kaushik
Balu Nagendra as Suresaa | Divya Urudga | Chirashri anchan | Renu | Navarasa Ramakrishna | Raghu Pandeshwar | Nagendra Kumar | Kuldeep | Srinath Koundinya

Huliraaya is the story of a free spirited youth from the forests of Karnataka. Suresaa, the protagonist has been born and brought up in the deep forests of Karnataka and he is happy soul, a dreamer, a vagabond. The film story traces his entertaining journey of self discovery. He is wandering in the forests when suddenly one fine day, he is forced to relocate to the city and life changes for him.

The film showcases a metaphorical take on how Suresaa like Huliraaya (the tiger) is forcefully confined to be in a cage; to lead a life which he does not want to. But, will Huliraaya manage to get out of the cage? What will happen if he does?

The storyline revolves around a love story, also a quirky entertainer, a roller coaster ride that sails along the various twists and turns in Suresaa's dramatic life.